Update website url google analytics

Update your app tracking code as soon as possible to use screenview instead of appview. Update website url google analytics. To edit a property: Sign in to Google Analytics. Click Admin, and navigate to the property you want to edit. But there’ s still plenty that you need to know, and maybe do. When not set it defaults to the page URL ( web) or Id of the screen ( app). Update Domain URL in Google Analytics From your Account Overview page click Edit alongside the profile on the right hand side – this needs to be done for all profiles, bad luck if you have lots! Default URL: The default URL for the property. Application ID - Application identifier.
Data Processor: This is Google Analytics, or more broadly, Google, because they process the data. Update Domain URL in Google Analytics From your Account Home page – the very first one you get to in GA – select the property you wish to edit From the top right corner of the page. Screen Name - The name of the page/ screen. I tried changing it using " Edit" link below " Check Status" on the profile settings page, it changed on the settings page but it still appears with old domain to the left of UA Identifier on home page. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings, and edit any of the following: Property name: The name for the property that appears in Analytics. From the Profile Settings page click Edit in the top right.

Sep 20, · You control which data is sent to Google Analytics. Technically, the Data Processor is the one bound by new legal obligations to conform to the EU GDPR. Application Installer ID - Application installer identifier. Dec 23, · Is it possible to change the website url in google analytics to a new domain and still keep old statistics. Improved debug output.