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I also installed related. Rb review # 检查要添加DevKit支持的Ruby列表是否有误, 可以略过. Ruby dk rb install info updating convenience notice gem override for. Oct 02, · On Mon, Oct 1, at 7: 30 AM, turi < asc. Com> wrote: > My problem is with this only PC because I have installed Ruby in other 10 > PCs and its working > I presume the other 10 PCs are other version of Windows rather than Windows XP?
After extracting the DevKit to C: \ RubyDevKit, run these these commands in cmd prompt: C: \ RubyDevKit> devkitvars. To include any installed # Rubies that were not automagically discovered, simply add a line below # the triple hyphens with the absolute path to the Ruby root directory. This is autodetected by the devkit, and when it tries to install it there, it fails.

Hello, I' m not sure to understand what you' re saying. Apr 17, · I installed Ruby on my Windows 8. For some reason, a copy of Ruby exists in my version of Heroku. 上記のエラー原因は、 Devkitの未インストールのようです。 【 参照先URL】 Rb review Based upon the settings in the ' config. # before running the ' ruby dk. Nov 19, · get installers. Jun 15, · Currently, this is a problem with Ruby being installed to C: \ Program Files\ without administator priviledges. Rb install' step. Rb init, it will generate a file named config. Rb init into the command line you are telling Ruby to run the dk.

Rb script with an. Aug 04, · ruby dk. The DevKit enables you to build many of the available native RubyGems that don' t yet have a binary gem. 查看源代码打印帮助 1 > > cd< > 2 > ruby dk.

4 # 如果这里列出的Ruby与你的要求不符, 可以手动修改. Jonforums closed this in 2c6ce79 Aug 6, This comment has been minimized. RubyInstaller for Windows - Build recipes. Please remove that line from the generated config. After you have executed ruby dk.

I' m not sure what you are trying to do or what the script you are trying to run does, but when you type. Rb install ' step. Yml is listing the heroku install, but that is the one causing the problem. Yml, 这里会检查将要添加DevKit支持的Ruby列表, 只支持通过RubyInstaller安装的Ruby.

Rb COMMAND [ options] where COMMAND is one of: init prepare DevKit for installation review review DevKit install plan install install. Yml, review the contents and will notice there is no mention of your Ruby x64 installation, you need to update it so it list it. C: \ Ruby\ DevKit > ruby dk. Jan 08, · This config # file is generated by the ' ruby dk. Ruby dk rb install info updating convenience notice gem override for. C: \ dev\ kit> ruby dk. Mar 24, · Open a console windows & & Validate the DevKit Ruby binding, and Modify Rubies via dk. 1' ` succeeds before bundling.

According to your 32 or 64 bit machine download it accordingly you can download development kit from here download development kit from here. I installed version 1. Yml and try again.

Nov 05, · Hello, Not sure why inside your config. 2 DevKit, as indicated in RubyInstaller download page. X is said to be not fully ready on Windows platform. To include any installed. Puts " [ INFO] Updating convenience notice gem override for ' # { path} ' " update_ gem_ override. Rb install now screams rather than poking along like it used to do. Rb init' step and may be modified # before running the ' ruby dk. Make sure that ` gem install json - v ' 1. First: if you use Ruby x64 ( 64bits version) you need to use only mingw. 3 # 生成config.

Rb Configures an MSYS / MinGW based Development Kit ( DevKit) for each of the Ruby installations on your Windows system. Bat Adding the DevKit to PATH. Mar 01, · Ruby on Rails Guide & Solutions is day to day troubleshooting, issues faced, new findings, concepts which is shared with rest of the world with focus on Ruby on Rails latest versions, its installation, plugins, gems, codes on latest versions. Yml' file generated from running ' ruby dk. Contribute to oneclick/ rubyinstaller development by creating an account on GitHub. Rb init' and any of your customizations, DevKit functionality will be injected into the following Rubies when you run ' ruby dk. Ruby on railsの導入で躓いています OSはWindows10なのですが、 コマンドプロンプトで gem install railsと指示すると以下のように表示され、 最後までインストールが完了しません。.