How many files to be scanned in league update 7 5

Step 2/ 2 : updating league of legends l 0. The client is scanning every single file in the game and takes up to over an hour or so to complete. Jun 01, · How many files does it scan in " Quick Scan".
I even ran the repair but it didn' t worked as well and it was stucked at 0% scanning files. Róót ( EUW) submitted in Technical Support. This is a subreddit devoted to League of Legends. The Moontipped Hushtail, Jade Paddlemar, and Jeweled Protector join their friends in the Convergence. I had mad problems updating the client when they first got this new patch like all the rest of you sick puppies, but now after I' ve already updated and been playing for 2 days, my league crashed and this piece of shit client started " Calculating differences" all over again.

Ain' t a big deal. I haven' t been playing lol for 1 week already because of this. 3k ( right click your riot games folder then click properties it will tell u how many files). Also, thanks for. How many files to be scanned in league update 7 5. Next, right click League of Legends and run as administrator.

We' re testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order. Feb 13, · Mine has done the same, i decided to delete league as a hole and hope that the patch will download when i re- installed, it didn' t. Oct 11, · hi all, i tried to download patch 4. New Little Legends are coming to the Convergence! There are about 13.
How many files to be scanned in league update 7 5. I' m just a little curious to see how many files are scanned in " Quick Scan" mode. 00 mp ( 0kBps) 99% stuck for like 30m and i don' t want to try to patch again becasue last time it scanned over 30k files Commenting is disabled Quote; Login to comment; Must be level 1 or higher to post a. Aug 24, · Is there anyway to stop the patcher from scanning files and go straight to updating the patch? 18 and i was stuck at 33% for ages and it was just scanning files, it had scanned about 50k files when i decided to uninstall and re download league.

That you can play lol with. Most Recent Game Updates News. I now a month later' trying to do the same - but I have it on ( Scanning Files ) Update 33% Complete. But every time I open up the launcher it spends a good 30 mins scanning files for no good reason. Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we' d like see how you guys make use of it.

Meaning, if I were to have the same League that I downloaded since s1, the game would scan over 100k files and the League folder would be. Oct 10, · It' s not my pc that' s the problem, it runs league just fine. When i did, it downloads it gets to about 75% and it downloads at 0KBps and when i close and open the client again it goes back to 33% scanning files, can anyone help me?

When I first scan it, it will scan about seventy thousand files but a minute later when I re- scan, it will only scan about thirteen thousand. PROJECT Event Guide. May 26, · I' m trying to run League of Legends from a Harddrive - I have done this before at work without issue' it updated and worked perfectly on this computer. When i go to the league site to download it again the file is " corrupt" and will not open.

Feb 11, · lol won' t patch past 33% and I' m stuck at scanning files. And 2/ 2 Calculating differences. This process is tedious, can' t I just get straight to adding in the patch, and not having to scan the files? If you have had the same League client, as in you didnt completely delete League and reinstalled, the files from previous patches are still kept in the League folder.